Programme Content

What drives innovation – in general and for sustainability in specific? It is not money in the first place. Instead, it is the purpose of the company and the value that is stands for and lives. It is when values and beliefs form a culture of openness and trust that innovation can thrive – because people can thrive.

One of the goals of is to leverage on the preservation and development of the various companies, some with a long heritage and traditions, while at the same time providing room for new ideas, bold innovation, and sparkling creativity? This question appears especially urgent as the industry is talking about a paradigm shift and “the times, they are a changin’ faster than ever”. Under the guidance of experts, lecturers, “creative brokers” and partners with CTCC, participants will be guided through an online training that will lead to an individual project.. During the online training, the student will make their way from establishing the context, mapping the user and customer journey, over looking for white-spots and blue oceans, where new innovations really could provide value and fill needs that no other product has done so far, to finally unleashing creativity to build several prototypes for some of tomorrow’s products or services.

45 Creative Brokers

45 creative brokers and counting, they will act as moderators in engaging with participants

10 + Videos

Key topics and basic fundamentals and topics are presented by our experts

4 International Workshops

CTCC Design Thinking workshops were held in different locations around the Baltic Region

1 Certificate of Completion

upon completion of all modules

30+ Activities

In each module, a number of activities are provided for reflection and engagement.


  • Start : Overview of the training / Activity 1-2 : (05:18)

  • Module 1 : What is Creativity & Innovation / Activity 3-4 : (15:59)

Learn to differentiate between creativity and innovation. Gain insight on ways to innovate with examples from industry. Examine qualities of a creative environment in real world settings.

  • Module 2 : Qualities of an Innovative Person / Activity 5-6 : (13:36)

Identify what are the qualities of an innovative person. Learn about tools to embrace creativity and innovation.

  • Module 3 : Tools to Develop Innovative Skills / Activity 7-8 : (17:43)

Learn attributes that help in developing the necessary skills to be innovative. Identify a number of tools to cultivate creativity.

  • Module 4 : Methods, Technologies and Tools for Creativity / Activity 9-10 : (07:55)

Learn what is Design Thinking and why it is a very common way for identifying solutions to problems that are often complex.

  • Module 5 : Success Stories from CTCC project / Activity 11

A number of business cases are presented from companies that participated in the prototyping with CTCC.

  • Welcome to Final Module: Wicked problem / Activity 12

Chose a wicked problem for you to apply your learning. Make full use of the Collaboration Area and engage with fellow members and Moderators – Creative Brokers.