Entrepreneurs with a desire to reduce their plastic waste

The team of Rost Dock decided to take part in the prototyping process with a focus on a new initiative in which they take part as one of six founders. "Plastikfreie Stadt" is Germany's first network-based entrepreneurial initiative for voluntary savings of disposable plastic. The initiative was founded in May 2019 by 6 companies from the Hanseatic and university city of Rostock and is currently in the seed phase. At the moment the initiative is organised by a registered association and the start-up phase will be significantly shaped by 3-4 initiators. The concept that is crystallising out has the claim to be transferable throughout Germany to achieve a fast and efficient reduction of the consumption of disposable plastics.


Rostock Dock
RostDock is Rostock's scene bar in the city harbour. The bar is made of ISO containers and is open daily from 1 May to 30 September. Our city harbour is a recreation area, sports field, chill zone, BBQ corner, maritime mile and is the heart of our Hanseatic city. If the way to the Baltic Sea is too far for you after work, you can get the same dose of relaxation here. Our city harbour can do that! Forget the time at the edge of the quay with dangling legs.