Kayaks for kids that are fun

Improving the problem of lack of recognition in producing kayaks for kids, not for sport kayaks... yet. “Future Kayaks” is rather small company but they are innovative because they produce smaller and lighter kayaks in two size, dedicated for children.

It was decided to create 3 creative graphics for kayaks for kids. This graphics are adjusted to the target group to which the company directed kayaks which are children. New graphics will make the product more attractive in terms of finance and recognition.

Their idea was to find a bigger company, which could produce kayaks and they wanted to cooperate with them finally. They found big company producing kayaks and it’s easier to sell product as a part of cooperation with a famous company.


Future Kayaks (CGP sp.z o.o.)
We offer the highest quality products with attention to detail. We believe that thanks to Infusion technology and the manual finishing of our products, we are able to produce the best kayaks matched to children’s need. We provide: - Modern design - Durability of the product - International warranty - Custom accessories - Custom made paintings