The CTCC project keeps moving towards its final stage, but even in the middle of it, the results had already appeared in the form of CTCC success stories.

Several new startups in different countries emerged due to the workshops and other events organized under the umbrella of the project.

These new companies involve technological innovations, as well as innovative business processes and models. The networking opportunities the CTCC project offered to its participants enabled skilled and enthusiastic people to find future business partners and advisers and create together cross-innovation solutions, benefitting their regions.

For this moment we are proud to list the next success stories:

  • WP 4.9 – Intensive Training on Creative Audit Tool, Success Story

The hands-on effect of the Design Talks Business Conference in the success story of the Shipadviser Andrzej Kryżan from Poland:

Kryżan is a retired captain with an academic background that had created a new device reducing air pollutants in exhaust gases from internal combustion engines of inland vessels, to make river transportation environment-friendly. Due to the lack of connections in business, he was incapable to put his idea into real life by himself, therefore he was looking for a business partner.

During the Design Talks Business Conference in Gdynia, Mr. Kryżan had met another participant (Mr. Samborski) invited to the event by project partner – Media Dizjan and discussed his idea. Mr. Samborski decided to join Mr. Kryżan’s team to develop the business model together.

At this moment partners are in the middle of the evaluation process of the idea with potential customers.

  • WP 4.7 – Implementation and Evaluation of Advanced Physical Trainings, Success Story  

One more example of the CTCC project’s success is the story from the Association of Polish Communes of Euroregion Baltic / ERB. During the CTCC project’s workshops three companies: Modei Sztuka & Design, CGP Sp. Z o.o. and Termdach focusing on architecture, IT and renewable energy, respectively, got to know each other and started to work together on one project. The project aims to create garden furniture made of concrete. The further plans are to produce furniture from the materials which are lighter and easier to process.

Each of these companies employs less than 5 employees and orients on the local market nevertheless all the businesses involve cooperation with foreign partners. Participation in the CTCC project was a great opportunity for the companies to enlarge their network and elaborate new business ideas through the engagement in workshops.

  • WP4-Development Of Creative-Traditional Business Innovation Training Model, Success Story

Another success story of the CTCC project started during the seminar Design Thinking for Innovation in Klaipeda. A start-up entrepreneur Darius Ripkauskas from Lithuania, who gave up a well-paid job and set up his own business, got the support of his idea of constructing stylized shelves for collectors and kids from the workshop mentors. Mr. Ripkauskas started to work on his project and soon he began to receive orders for the stylized shelves from America, Canada, Great Britain, Italy, Germany, and Slovenia. Later on, at the Design Talks Business Conference in Gdynia, which was a part of the CTCC project and aimed to establish a creative broker platform bridging traditional and creative sectors, D. Ripkauskas was consulted by other participants about management and business development. That helped him to expand his business and start to produce souvenirs, representing the Rietavas, which are in high demand these days because of the tourism growth in the region.

  • WP – 4.5 Development and Dissemination of Training Materials, Success Story

The following success story started to develop in Klaipėda:

Kristina Cukalina, Marketing Manager of the JSC Western Ship Agency, took part in two live workshops in Klaipeda and Gdynia – the content and personal engagement helped in building a strong confidence that design thinking and other creative methods can be used even in very “stiff” and specific areas, which seemingly are quite difficult to accept change.

By her own example team member of the Western Ship Agency demonstrates a modern approach to everyday challenges and keeps on growing her professional skills: this year Kristina started her master’s degree in marketing at the Klaipeda University. Also, she became one of the first “pioneers” in Klaipeda to test the online training program created within the framework of the CTCC project and received an official statement of participation: “No doubts that this form of training is very convenient for the working or studying person. The course gave me an opportunity to consolidate and extend the knowledge I have already gained. However, one could also join the training starting from the very basic things and gradually build useful knowledge, competencies, and qualities that could open many new doors in your professional life”.

To be continued…