4th Physical Training – Design-2-Business Conference

The Design_2_Business Conference took place on January 21-23th 2019, at the Chamber of Industry & Commerce in Rostock. The project partners from Germany, Lithuania, Sweden, and Poland joined the event together with representatives of blue and green economy and creative industries to work together on cross-innovation and design thinking with a focus on sustainability.

The three-day event comprised presentations and workshops, thus the companies immediately could find the application for the knowledge they had just recently got.

The presentations made by the external experts explained the next keynotes:

  • Innovation Potential of Blue And Green Economy – Dr. Joachim Krüger, CEO of Solarlite CSP Technology
  • How creative industries impact innovations management – Victoria Ringleb, CEO Alliance of German Designers (AGD)
  • Best practices in cross-sectorial innovations management – Veronika Schubring, fint – Gemeinsam Wandel  gestalten
  • Design Driven Methods as Corporate Strategy & Competitive Advantage – Alejandro Lecuna, Prof. Strategic Design & Design Driven Innovation, Germany

In joint innovation workshops, 78 representatives of both industries were learning from each other and the creative coaches – Edouard Barthen, Astrid Möller as well as from other experts. The joint work on R&D questions and problems aimed to create innovation that not only serve the economic development of individual companies but also contribute to the overall social development of the region.  During these workshops, traditional SMEs were moving forward their projects through prototyping the CTCC innovation management process followed by iterating and finalising the innovation process.