Creative Broker Network

See our wide network of partners, creative brokers and funded start-ups/SMEs!

Creative Traditional Companies Cooperation Network is a cooperation agreement between companies, policy & strategy makers, NGOs, academia (the ‘Partner’) and CTCC Project Leader for building a network of organizations. This network of organizations is viewed as interested in the subject of innovation and creativity with traditional companies, which leads to cooperation and sharing of interests in the protection and promotion of innovative economy and related regional development values.

The Creative Broker councils, supports and guides cross-sectoral innovation process by implementing creative auditing and helps you to recombine previous knowledge and experiences into new forms – innovation.

Who is A Creative Broker? You can refer to the CTCC Creative Broker Network and find them on
the map below. In addition, we have a network of both traditional and creative companies
representing Blue-Green growth that have registered. You can located companies and check on
their status from our database below, which is updated by the companies.

What we do? Supporting start-ups/SMEs (small-medium enterprises) promotes regional growth. Within the CTCC project we have a wide spectrum of names that are either with us as project partners – helping to escalate regional development or start-ups/SMEs funded by the project or creative brokers – the creative minds that help SMEs to be innovative and creative in what they do.

Our focus? The project aims to strengthen cooperation with blue (maritime) and green (ecological/environment-friendly) sector within these regions across the Baltic Sea.

Want to join us? Please feel free to share expression of interest via this form. And our respective partner will get in touch with you!