Triple-Helix Cross-Innovation Training Methodology Toolkit

The aim of the Trainings:

– to exchange ideas, views, and knowledge among the target groups, project partners, policy and decision-makers and the representatives of the Programme Area
– the definition and discussion of similarities and differences regarding problems and solutions, as these are perceived by various participating groups
– the definition and discussion of the major obstacles & opportunities to business development in the Programme Area
– the promotion of new ideas and directions for future actions, policies, and initiatives at local and common levels (in all 5 regions)

Creativity-driven innovation capacity methodology, structure & manual for cross-innovation competence building (applied for both online & physical learning forms for innovation development by joint sectorial collaboration).

The more detailed information about the CTCC ONLINE training you can find here.

4 physical trainings (ADVANCED) involve the next parts:

– Creative broker (facilitator) for creative audit
– Couched and guided 10 creative brokers
– A group of participants (representing all aspects of the target groups from all PP’)
– The local organizer (an organization that will be responsible for managing the seminar)
– Adequate time for preparing and conducting the trainings (12- 16 hours)
– A secure budget (financial support) for the preparation, implementation, and dissemination of the seminar’s results

The organizer of the training is responsible for the invitation of speakers for four sessions of the trainings:

Session No. 1 – Major Target Group (TB) in the region
Session No. 2 – Three ‘success’ stories (TB) in the region
Session No. 3 – Joint Creative Approach
Session No. 4 – Prototyping. Innovation Team

as well as the invitation of the moderator (or he/she himself/herself performs such functions).

The organizer takes care of all the issues related to the advanced trainings (venue, technical support, coffee breaks, lunch and so on). The organizer prepares for discussion cases of real businesses from all 5 regions with the support of the partners.
All partners, including the organizer of the advanced trainings, ensure participation in the trainings of their representatives who are ready for active discussions.