WP – 4.5 Development and Dissemination of Training Materials, Success Story

More openness, more space for fresh ideas and meaningful collaborations – a team of Klaipėda Science and Technology Park (KSTP), is delighted to see that traditional businesses from the green and blue sectors are gradually transforming. Industries are looking for some attractive tools for boosting their creativity and growing competencies that would enable the development of new products or services. And the CTCC project has something valuable to offer!

“Live workshops organized in the framework of this project unlocked intense discussions and insights of our international experts – we had many positive feedbacks from our participants. This phase is over, anyway, our activities continue –now in the form of the online training that is focused on design for creativity and innovation for SMEs. This platform is open to anyone willing to learn and discover. Anyway, we are very glad to see the enthusiasm of our traditional companies”, – said Erika Zavackienė, Innovation Manager at the KSTP.

Kristina Cukalina, Marketing Manager of the JSC Western Ship Agency, took part in two live workshops in Klaipeda and Gdynia – the content and personal engagement helped in building a strong confidence that design thinking and other creative methods can be used even in very “stiff” and specific areas, which seemingly are quite difficult to accept change. 

By her own example team member of the Western Ship Agency demonstrates a modern approach to everyday challenges and keeps on growing her professional skills: this year Kristina started her master’s degree in marketing at the Klaipeda University. Also, she became one of the first “pioneers” in Klaipeda to test the online training program created within the framework of the CTCC project and received an official statement of participation: “No doubts that this form of training is very convenient for the working or studying person. The course gave me an opportunity to consolidate and extend the knowledge I have already gained. However, one could also join the training starting from the very basic things and gradually build useful knowledge, competencies, and qualities that could open many new doors in your professional life”.