WP 5.2 – Implementation of Cross-Innovation Pilots, 2nd CTCC Prototyping Exchange Event

On the 21–23 January 2020, in the frame of the CTCC project traditional business and creative will meet together for the 2nd time to see how far they have moved since the last time—meeting on 10-11th October 2019 in Szczecin. The purpose of the event is to present the developed prototypes, share good practices in the process and discuss further steps. All participating companies are invited to join the event and give their current feedback as well as to connect with companies from the other regions in the South Baltic Programme.

The event will comprise the next activities:

1) Visit of the Green Week Berlin

2) Visit of the Bauhaus Archive in Berlin

3) Exchange Workshop with Companies and Project Partners at Humboldt University Berlin

4) Steering Committee & Partner Meeting

The focus is laid on prototyping evaluation and progress as well as counseling on further proceeding.

The workshop will be held with participating enterprises and couching creatives.

The workshop is open for target groups and the interested public.

For registration, please fill in this link