WP 5.2 – Implementation of Cross-Innovation Pilots, Success Story from Lithuania

Lithuanians developed a prototype of a marina for innovative catamarans


Good visualization and layout are valuable tools when it comes to presenting any idea. For tech-startups this is even more important as usually innovations they introduce to potential investors and partners, have no analogs, so people are really curious to see something they can touch and experience.

Due to pandemic situation exhibitions and other events have been canceled or postponed—anyway, Lithuanian startup “Popa Boat” focused on a better preparation for the future meetings and presentations. With the help of Klaipeda Science and Technology Park, which is involved in the international project “Creative Tradition Companies Cooperation (CTCC)”, the team had an opportunity to collaborate with visual designers and develop a prototype of the marina/ pier for “Popa Boat” catamarans.

Sustainability is one of the priorities for “Popa Boat” as this water vehicle uses only clean energy—electricity and solar power. 22 times reduced copies of the innovative ship and the model of the marina were printed with a 3D printer from an ecological material—corn plastic. Some construction parts were made of wood and metal.

“This prototype will be used as a visual layout in exhibitions and other events. We believe that it will help in explaining our idea and vision of a high-level electric catamaran rental service with a special pier infrastructure designed particularly for our ships,”–assured Aurelija Urbonaitė, Marketing Manager at Popa Boat.

The team of the tech-startup experienced that cooperation with the creative industries opened some new perspectives on their project and gave some useful hints for the future. “It was definitely worth cooperating with the specialists from the “outside”. I would say, this becomes a normal practice in the context of modern business – companies do not stick to their team only, but try to involve more minds and get more value”, – representative of the “Popa Boat” said.